Dan began his career in fashion photography in 1978 while living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1981 he relocated to Houston, Texas where he quickly became a part of the then exploding Houston fashion market. His client list grew throughout the eighties and nineties in great part due to his reputation as an innovator. His color cross-processed film used for fashion beauty was sought after in both the U.S. and European modeling markets. In addition his dramatic black and white also helped to define a very unique style. This creative and unique style enabled him to shoot for nearly every retailer in the Houston area along with fashion agencies and clients in Paris, Barcelona, Milan, the Cayman Islands, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. His photographs have appeared in Allure, Marie Claire, British, German, and Australian Vogue plus many local Houston Magazines.

In 2006, after completing a photo shoot on Malibu’s El Matador Beach, a Hollywood actress asked if he would shoot some headshots for her to help update her portfolio. Although he had little experience in this type of photography, he agreed and immediately saw many of the same principles that applied to fashion beauty shots also applied to great headshots. Great headshots like great beauty shots require natural hair and make-up, great light, especially in the eyes, natural energetic expressions and poses that meet market requirements. Since that first experience he now travels to Los Angeles 3 or 4 times per year to help established and aspiring actors get the type of headshots that will help attract both casting directors and agents.

Dan Carter has worked with some of the following companies and publications: